I am a member of the Mendocino County Medical Marijuana Advisory Board (MMMAB). I was a steering committee member on the No On Measure B campaign.  Measure B's plant limits were recently struck down by the California Supreme Court. 

Whether you like marijuana or not, it is our number one cash crop generating several times more income than timber and grapes combined. 

Bottom line: marijuana can and should be taxed and regulated just like any other agricultural product.

Mendocino County is a world leader in the cultivation of high-quality marijuana.  The national trend is toward legalization with Mendocino County better poised than anywhere else in the country to be ahead of the curve.

When legalization comes, there may somewhat less money as prices are driven down. But on the other hand, there should be more taxable money for county coffers and less money needed for the Sheriff, the DA and the courts to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate growers.

Let’s take advantage of these realities and make marijuana work for us. It’s time to harness this economic engine with a workable plan for the regulation and taxation of cannabis.

Meanwhile, it is critical to support law enforcement’s efforts to eradicate trespass grows.  Environmental degradation, water and electrical diversions and hazardous growing conditions will not be tolerated in Mendocino County.  We support the Sheriff and the District Attorney in their efforts to prosecute growers who violate community standards.

Finally, we call upon the Sheriff to establish clear guidelines for his deputies and on-going trainings regarding the legal growing of medical marijuana in Mendocino County. It is imperative that deputies be properly instructed so they can make clear distinctions between the bad guys and members of the community who are cultivating in compliance with our laws. 


Vote for Dan Hamburg 5th District Supervisor in the June Primary Election!

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