Companies like Real Goods and Advance Power put Mendocino on the national map as the leader in solar installation over the past three decades. Now Mendocino County has more “off-the-grid” homes than any other county. We are nationwide leaders in solar, wind and non-fossilized energy production. And we’re at the national epicenter for sustainable forestry models, building and designing cob and rammed-earth homes and creating thriving companies with carbon-neutral footprints.

In every pocket of the County, innovative green projects are being launched from converting household and commercial waste into energy to harvesting the small diameter poles on our forest floors for use in building homes and hand-crafting furniture

Let’s leverage these products and projects. Let’s seed more innovative ideas and spotlight Mendocino County as the greenest county in the nation.

We can use guidelines of state funding (AB 811) and portions of the stimulus package to establish a loan program in Mendocino county that would allow home and business owners to have energy efficient items installed in their homes and commercial buildings.  

We can harness federal stimulus dollars and state funding to establish a low-interest loan program that encourages home and business owners to install solar panels, insulation, thermal windows and convert to efficient lighting for their homes and commercial buildings - akin to Sonoma County’s successful project.

We can launch a farming/ranching/vineyard carbon sequestration program similar to the Marin Carbon Project.



Vote for Dan Hamburg 5th District Supervisor in the June Primary Election!

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