We care about the source of our food, about supporting our local farmers and taking care of our land. Together we can re-localize Mendocino County's farm economy. .

Imagine a local food and farming economy that is capable of feeding the people of Mendocino County.  Picture grocery stores and school cafeterias with a wide selection of food products from our County, and people eager to work in an invigorated farm economy. 

This is already happening on a small scale.  We are blessed with the natural resources to do this.  But it will require committed and creative leadership in Mendocino County to develop the capacity to grow, process and distribute local food.  It will be necessary to mobilize the resources of our schools, master gardeners, farmers, ranchers, and university extension services in support of re-tooling ourselves.  We will need County policies that support local food production and distribution and a board of Supervisors who advocate for a diversified farm economy in more than symbolic ways.

From re-introducing grains for bread and brewing to accessible commercial kitchens and meat processing facilities, we must have Supervisors who will take an active role in helping farmers, ranchers, and food processors find the financial and technical means to scale up a thriving local food economy.

The time is right.  The need is urgent.  Let’s do this together.


  • Inter-cropping vineyards to produce food
  • A slaughter facility serving the 5th District and the entire county
  • Meat processing and value-added meat products sold regionally
  • A grainery, feed and flour milling operation
  • Seed production and seed banking
  • Education for food production in our high schools
  • Skilled dry farming to conserve water and sequester carbon


Vote for Dan Hamburg 5th District Supervisor in the June Primary Election!

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