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Dan Hamburg
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Dan Hamburg is on the June 8 primary election ballot. He welcomes your support and involvement.


Beyond the Politics: 5th District Supervisor Candidate Dan Hamburg
by Steve Sparks on Apr 22nd, 2010
Reprinted from:

I met with Dan at his home on Shepherd Lane on the southwestern outskirts of Ukiah and he made me a much-needed cup of strong coffee served with somedelicious brownies before we sat down to talk. I should also mention that Dan’s wife, Carrie, also prepared a very tasty pasta dish, which I was to enjoy a little later.

Dan was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1949, one of four children (two of each) born to Walter Ham burg and Jean Milton. His father was also born in St. Louis, the family coming to the United States from Germany before World War One on the U.S. Ham burg, taking the name of the ship upon arrival at Ellis Island, according to family folklore. Jean Milton was born in Sedalia, Missouri, a few miles southwest of Kansas City, and her ancestors were the Milech nikov’s (the Russian word for diary farmers) who had arrived in the States from Ukraine in the early 1900’s, immediately changed their name to Milton, and set tled in Missouri along with many other Ukrainian Jews, who had been persecuted by the Tsar, “repeat edly having to hide from the rampaging Cossack soldiers.”

“When they settled in Sedalia, my Great Grandfa ther, Eugene Milton, opened a general store that soon became Sedalia’s first gas station. His son Harry suc ceeded him in the family business. This was my grand father, an amazing man for whom English was his third language after Yiddish and Russian and had a very thick accent. Over the next five decades the business grew and grew so that by the mid-sixties it was the largest independent gas company in southern Missouri, dealing not only in gasoline but also tires, batteries and accessories. My grandfather put his suc cess down to the real estate mantra of ‘location, loca tion, location’ — find a busy intersection and put a gas station there.” Read more...



Mendocino County's large Fifth District is a collection of communities... each unique.

Now more than ever, we need to work together to protect and enhance our way of life.


"I’m running for Fifth District supervisor because I love this county and have a positive contribution to make toward its future. My experience at all levels of government—local, state and federal—will benefit our county as we successfully meet the many challenges we face. We have the capacity—with our rich resources and pool of human ingenuity—to thrive and to lead."

As your supervisor, I will work to:

Build a stronger local economy

Protect our coast

Conserve our water and fisheries

Restore fiscal stability

Invest in community vitality and safety


Click here to read detailed descriptions of Dan's position on these and other issues.

When I was elected to the Board from the Second District in 1980, I joined then-Fifth District Supervisor Norman deVall and then-Third District Supervisor Jim Eddie in a successful effort to write and pass the first comprehensive General Plan and Local Coastal Plan in county history.

In 1986, I moved to the Fifth District (on Highway 253 near Robinson Creek). In 1992, I was elected to the United States House of Representatives, the first person from Mendocino County to serve in that position.

The Fifth District has sent progressive leaders to the Board of Supervisors for three decades, including Supervisors deVall, Peterson, and Colfax. The Fifth District must continue to lead the county.

I will continue this progressive tradition. I will work hard to earn your vote and the opportunity to serve as your representative on the Board of Supervisors.


Dan Hamburg will be on the primary election ballot in June 2010. He would welcome your support, and involvement.

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Dan Hamburg

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