Do you wonder WHO gives the authority to YOUR county Government and WHAT they can (and can't) do?

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Mendocino County's large Fifth District is a collection of communities... each unique.
Now more than ever, we need to work together to protect and enhance our way of life.



The Fifth District is one of the most beautiful supervisorial districts in California, perhaps in the entire country.

The Fifth has led the county in progressive politics for decades, voting overwhelmingly to ban the aerial spraying of phenoxy herbicides, legalize the personal use of marijuana, ban the production of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), and stop the construction of a megamall in Ukiah.

Mendocino is a place of rugged beauty, deeply forested ridges and ravines with towering redwoods, of ranches, orchards and vineyards, a land that meets the sea along its dynamic coast where inhabitants have long enjoyed the riches of the ocean.

It is also a place of where cultures have clashed (Native people, Russion trappers, Spanish colonizers, Italian ranchers, American hippies, Hispanic workers, Bay Area retirees and everyone else) and eventually blended.

It is now also a place of extreme wealth and widespread poverty. The median income for a household in the county has been established as about $36,000. 11% of families and 16% of the population were below the poverty line, which now may be worse.

At the same time, Mendocino County has been a political trailblazer, passing Measure G in 2000, which decriminalized the personal use of marijuana and Measure H in 2004, making it the first county in the United States to ban the production and cultivation of genetically modified organisms.



The population of Mendocino County as a whole is about 90,000. Our county has a total land area of 3,510 square miles.(An additional 369 square miles in the county (9.52% of total) is water.)

In Mendocino County, the average population density is 25 people per sq. mi.

To Northern Californians like us that may seem crowded. But LA packs in 2500 bodies per sq. mi. and San Francisco a fairly shocking 18,000!

Mendocino County and all of its supervisorial districts except for the 2nd (Ukiah) are very rural. (Not as much as Alpine & Inyo Counties, though, which have a density of less than 2 people per sq. mi.)


Mendocino County contains only four incorporated cities:

  • FORT BRAGG, pop. 7,000
  • POINT ARENA, pop. 500 (The only city in the 5th District)
  • UKIAH, pop. 15,000
  • WILLITS, pop. 6,000

A few counties have fewer, including Alpine, with none. Click here for a map of all California counties.

However, Mendocino county, as well as the 5th District, have many unique and vibrant (unincorporated) villages and communities. In the 5th these include:

along the coast...
  • ELK
and moving inland...

The district also has seven watersheds:

  • Navarro River
  • Russian River
  • Little River
  • Big River
  • Albion River
  • Garcia River
  • Gualala River

Mendocino County's Fifth District is very large (1400 square miles, roughly 40% of the county's land area!) and includes the following zip codes:

Albion 95410

Boonville 95415

Comptche 95427

Elk 95432

Gualala 95445

Hopland 95449

Little River 95456

Manchester 95459

Mendocino 95460

Navarro 95463

Philo 95466

Point Arena 95468

Ukiah 95482

Yorkville 95494

Click here for a large map of the district including all precincts.

If you have a slow connection (tragically common in our county) click here for a smaller file of the map.


The job of the supervisor is to be your link to the services of county government. The Board of Supervisors is responsible for the county budget and for overseeing land-use decisions. The Board hires and fires the county’s chief executive officer, the person responsible for the day-to-day administration of county government.

I consider this to be a full-time job. I pledge to be available to you on a full-time basis and if so fortunate, to serve two terms as your supervisor.


Your county government should be responsive to your concerns...

Send an e-mail to tell me what you and your neighbors are talking about


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Do you wonder how your representative from the 5th District fits into your county government?

The County of Mendocino is a general law County. The Board of Supervisors, which serves as the legislative and executive body of County government and many special districts, is comprised of five, full-time members elected by their respective districts. Pursuant to the California Government Code, the Board enacts legislation governing Mendocino County and determines overall policies for County departments and various special districts, adopts the annual budget, and fixes salaries.

The Board also hears appeals from decisions of the Planning Commission, considers General Plan amendments, and sits as the Board of Equalization to provide tax payers with a system for appealing the valuation placed on their property by the Assessor.

The Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Board and serves as the chief executive office responsible for day-to-day administration of County affairs.

County Counsel, appointed by the Board, advises and represents the County and Board in all legal affairs.

The Clerk of the Board, also appointed by the Board, is responsible for maintaining the official records of the Board, attending all sessions of the Board, and managing Board business. (source: Mendocino County Government Online Resource*)

Do you wonder WHO gives the authority to YOUR county Government and WHAT they can (and can't) do?

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* To look at the Mendocino County Code (the laws themselves, in all their glory) go to the County of Mendocino website and click on the link at the left.