An Endorsement from Jim Mastin

Dear Supporter,

The last votes have been counted in the primary election for 5th District Supervisor and unfortunately we came up short. Because of the incredible support I received from so many of you I truly feel like a winner. I met great people, attended incredible events, heard all sides of every issue and got to know the other candidates “up close and personal” - I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

Many people have asked me who I’m supporting in the general election come November. I take endorsements seriously, and because of my recent experience on the campaign trail this one is especially important to me. It was an easy decision to endorse Dan Hamburg for 5th District Supervisor.

Dan’s positions on land use policy, coast and fishery protection, economic development, the Marine Life Protection Act, broadband access and providing county services closely mirror my own. He also has a deep understanding of what it means to localize our economy. Whether the issue is food production, power generation or just spending our hard-earned money here at home, Dan knows the value of localization.

Our county is facing a difficult few years, and I believe Dan’s past government experience, coupled with his 40 years of community involvement, will best serve the interests of the Fifth District and Mendocino County.

Thank you again for your past support, and I now urge you to join me in supporting Dan Hamburg for 5th District Supervisor.


Jim Mastin

An Endorsement from Dave Smith

"I support and endorse Dan for Supervisor, and agree with his stands on the issues of our county. Dan is not a “one-issue candidate” nor does he ignore any meaningful issue that confronts our citizens. He is experienced and effective. He has been on the front lines of progressive social change all his adult life. See the excellent interview with Dan in this week’s AVA and online at The AVA.com." - Dave Smith

Reprinted from Ukiah Community Blog - April 22, 2020

Dave Smith is the Creator/Editor of this UkiahBlog, and the blogs OrganicToBe and The Contrary Farmer; is author of To Be Of Use – The Seven Seeds of Meaningful Work; and was cofounder of Smith & Hawken whose original mission was providing sturdy hand tools to organic and biodynamic farmers. After dropping out of Seminary, and working as a computer systems analyst, he was an executive assistant to César Chávez and cofounder of Briarpatch Natural Foods Co-op in Menlo Park, California.

Dave has held executive positions in Real Goods, SelfCare, Seeds of Change, Diamond Organics and Organic Bouquet. He has served on the boards of directors of Organic To Go in Seattle, and Ecology Action, Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op, and Mendocino Environmental Center in Mendocino County, California; is cofounder of Mendocino Organic Network, an alliance of farmers and citizens promoting local, organic, and sustainable farming through its Mendocino Renegade organic certification program; and is creator of the local currency, Mendo Moola.

Dave is proprietor of Mulligan Books in downtown Ukiah, has two grown children, and lives with wife, Beverly, in Mendocino County.


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