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Dan Hamburg
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Dear Friend of the Fifth District,

Welcome to our campaign website. Here at Campaign Central, we are in high gear. We hope you will find time to work and play with us, because we are playing to win!

Since our primary victory, campaign support has continued to grow- dare we say exponentially? In just the past two weeks, we have received nearly 200 new endorsements! Supporters and our steering committee have planned fantastic back-to-back events, and at least three debates will provide voters with the opportunity to objectively judge the candidates on the issues. The hard work of winning this election continues, with our efforts compressed into a very brief time span.

Jim Mastin, former chair of the Mendocino County Democratic Party and recent Fifth District supervisorial candidate, has graciously offered his unqualified endorsement. Jim has also contributed generously and is providing substantive strategic guidance to our campaign.

We've also received endorsemenst from the Service Employees International Union Local 1021 as well as the North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

Our campaign is a grass-roots, “made in Mendocino” project, led by a stellar steering committee comprised of supporters from every town in our far-flung district. Every mailing, every event and every phone call originates right here in Mendocino County- as it should!

Please use our website to familiarize yourself with the complex issues facing us in the months and years to come. Take a look at my ideas on how we can reduce our county deficit, address our longer-term debt problems, keep services in our outlying areas, protect our coast from unwanted development and expand our already burgeoning food localization movement. I have fiercely opposed the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative because it is being imposed upon us by non-governmental foundations and national environmental organizations. I will continue, as I have for the past 30 years, to work vigorously to protect our oceans--from Big Oil and from the military-industrial complex. I support the creation of a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to advise us on the intricate process of bringing cannabis dollars out of the shoeboxes and into our banks and county coffers.

I feel fortunate that my decades of experience as a Mendocino County resident, an elected official, a non-profit CEO and board member, educator, parent and grandparent have coalesced at this critical juncture in our county’s history.

We need your ideas, your support and of course, your generosity. Contributions can be made by sending a check to: Dan Hamburg for Supervisor 2010, Post Office Box 111, Point Arena, CA 95468. Or, follow the links on the website ( to our automated donation page.

Though progressives have held office in our district for over thirty years, nothing in politics is guaranteed. Please join us as we maintain focus on the challenges ahead.

Onward to victory on November 2!


Dan Hamburg

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